Residential Garbage Disposal in Largo

While there is no question that a garbage disposal can be incredibly useful, it is without a doubt one of the most misused appliances in Largo homes. Very few people realize that garbage disposals aren’t meant to handle large loads. They are only designed to handle light food residue that is rinsed from plates, utensils, pots and pans before they are washed. As a result, Largo garbage disposals are regularly getting jammed, clogged or in need of repairs.

Whenever your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, Dave and Sons Plumbing LLC will be there shortly to help sort out the issue and get it working in a timely manner. And while it may be tempting, trying to fix a garbage disposal yourself can be dangerous, particularly for your hands and fingers. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way and get Dave and Sons Plumbing LLC’s professional plumbers handle it.

Clogged Garbage Disposals

The most common garbage disposal repair job we are asked to carry out involve removing the clogs from the appliance. Disposals clog over time because the waste line or trap becomes coated and eventually obstructed by food waste. Some of the more common reasons for why homeowners encounter clogs include:

Lack of Flushing Water

Proper garbage disposal maintenance must include flushing it out with running water when it’s grinding. Failing to do so means the waste will not fully go through the drainage system and build up in the drain lines.

Eggs Shells and Coffee Grinds

They may seem insignificant when you let the disposal do its thing but they can quickly become a big problem. Egg shells and coffee grounds create very tiny granular waste that will stick to any sludge inside the pipe and quickly create a clog.

Potato Peels

If you have been disposing of potato peels down the drain, you’re in trouble because these are some the worst clog makers. Once ground up, potato peels form a starchy paste not unlike mashed potatoes and quickly clog the drain.

The simplest way to avoid clogs is to make sure you flush the disposal with plenty of water after you have ground up whatever you’re disposing of and occasionally grind some ice cubes and lemon peels to help break up any residue clinging to the drain pipe. When lemon peels and ice cubes don’t relieve the clog, we can inspect the drain trap or clear the obstruction with our augers wherever the obstruction may be.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Like any home appliance, eventually you will need to consider replacing your garbage disposal. Replacing a garbage disposal can be tricky because you need to be comfortable working with water and electricity. If you manage not to electrocute yourself, you will still need to be familiar with sink connections and drain fittings or else you’ll be looking at leaks in the near future.

Of course, there’s an easier option: letting Dave and Sons Plumbing LLC’s professionals replace your garbage disposal for you. All of our representatives are committed to providing the same expert, courteous service. So, call us today and let us know what your residential plumbing needs are.